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Our commitment to preserving our values ​​and harnessing all our capabilities and capabilities to raise the level of the profession and launch it to higher levels of excellence and internationalism.

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Working according to a developed system in accordance with the highest international standards of quality and accuracy of performance and achieving the highest level of research, planning and innovation to give our partners the highest rates of safety and protection

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To become a leading professional company that operates with responsibility and vision of creativity and innovation as an approach and transparency and responsibility as its method to provide the highest level of service, legal advice and advisory opinion

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  • Providing advice 90%
  • new applications 95%
  • Queries 98%

Our company was established to be an extension of the legal experience of the Sharif Consulting and Arbitration Office that lasted for more than 22 years (it is known for the quality of dealing and work, thanks to God, efforts and services provided, and success, so we made the experience platform our mission, and we narrated legal developments. And our belief in the importance of the legal profession, the nobility of its objectives and the depth of its responsibility towards society with all its natural and legal components This was achieved after the start of a successful business trip working with major local and international companies, which maximized our experience in the business and financial market and gave us accurate knowledge of the most important tributaries of investment and its importance and familiarity with the vision of businessmen towards the negatives that hinder investments and the most important strengths and opportunities from which launch and growth are achieved. Between legal knowledge and practical experience in the financial and business market

Adviser: Walid Bin Naji Bin Sulaiman Al Sharif , the international commercial arbitrator and expert in trademarks, intellectual protection and fraud, commercial agent for internal and external companies, and he is the founder and president of the company

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