A free profession that participates in the judiciary in memorizing facts to achieve justice and to confirm the rule of law. Anyone who practices the legal profession is called a lawyer or a legal advisor.

It is a profession based on providing assistance to natural and legal persons in fulfilling their rights and assisting in work in accordance with the applicable laws in all fields, defending the rights of others and raising legal awareness of citizens of their rights and duties.

The legal profession is a profession of keeping secrets and honor, and whoever works in it has no right to divulge the secrets of his clients, as they trusted him and put their trust in him, and the practice of the legal profession is governed by law.

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The main tasks of the lawyer are to defend and legal assistance to those who request it in return for a sum of money, and the criminal courts may assign a lawyer to defend in the case in which the accused cannot pay the lawyer’s fees. . :

Pleading before the civil courts.

Defending the accused in criminal cases.

Arbitration, reconciliation and mediation between litigants.

Representing people before governmental and non-governmental agencies.

Preparing contracts of all kinds.

Assisting the judiciary in revealing the truth.

Facilitate litigation procedures between individuals.

Providing legal advice.

Preparing legal memos.

Overseeing the legality of the work of private and civil institutions.

legal profession

A lawyer may be permitted to plead before some courts and not others. For example, a lawyer who is under training may not present pleadings in his name except in summary courts and not others. In the courts of first instance, it must be in the name of the lawyer, the director of training.

The lawyer may be permitted to plead before the courts of first instance or the first degree, but he is not authorized to plead before the Supreme Court or the Constitutional Court. Rather, there are certain conditions such as the length of service, his commitment to the union schedules and the union’s internal regulations, and to be registered with the schedules of the higher courts such as the Court of Cassation and the Supreme Constitutional Court.

The jurisdiction of the lawyer is by his choice and he is not obliged to adhere to this jurisdiction. For example, a criminal lawyer can plead in civil cases and so on as long as he is in the same degree or in a degree above the other jurisdiction.