company incorporation

Establishing a company

Establishing a company: the company in its general sense is capital management with an organized legal framework. These shares represented the capital in which he participated.

And entering into the company is a legal act that its parties must have the capacity necessary for concluding the company’s contract. The types of eligibility required to acquire the status of a partner in the company vary according to the type of company and the legal status of the partner.

Principles of establishing a company

The general principle is that any person who has reached the age of eighteen years and has not been affected by symptoms of capacity such as insanity or symptoms that lack capacities such as foolishness and negligence can be a partner in a company, but if the person lacks capacity such as a distinguished minor or has reached the age of majority and was insane or Negligence, so his behavior represented by his entry into the company is voidable for his benefit, on the grounds that entering into the company is one of the behaviors that circulate between benefit and harm.

Steps to establishing a company

Throughout the ages, different societies have known the idea of ​​the company. The idea of ​​the company is not a product of the modern era, but it is a result of the development of economic projects that have become large and in need of huge capital. One of the most important steps for establishing a company is Haya….:

Basic information: Basic information about the project to be established must be available in order to determine the type of company that provides opportunities for the success of the project, as there are more than one type of company and each type has policies, terms, conditions and legal responsibilities to be registered.
Determining the type and activity of the company: meaning the nature of the company’s work, and the activities that the founders will carry out, whether they are commercial, advertising, marketing and other commercial activities.
Determining the capital: It is the sums of money that the partners want to use in this company. The company can be established through bank loans with a specific guarantee to increase the source of the capital.
The company’s marketing advertisements: Care must be taken on this element because advertising for any commodity increases customer demand and helps increase the company’s sales and achieve more profits, such as online advertising, paper advertising, or television advertising.