intellectual protection

intellectual protection

Intellectual property rights: Intellectual property rights: Intellectual property rights to the mind’s creations of inventions and factories of human rights to gain recognition or financial benefit.

Intellectual property rights, property rights, granting the right of ownership, granting the right to grant it, and they are also entitled to obtain intellectual property rights shops pledge and compensation.

Intellectual property refers to the creations of the mind: in everything whether it belongs to works of art, inventions, computer programs, trademarks and other marks in the commercial field. This handbook presents the main types of intellectual property and explains how they are protected by law, as an international forum for services, public policy, information and cooperation in the field of intellectual property.

It also allows the creator, owner of the trademark, patent and copyright to benefit from his work and invest it, and this does not mean that he has monopolized thought over others, but rather the opposite, as these rights are contained in the legal articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which provides for the right to benefit from the protection of interests The moral and material resulting from the attribution of the practical, literary or artistic production to its author.

What is intellectual protection?
Intellectual property rights come on: is the category of copyright and heritage, trademarks, trade secrets.

The term intellectual property began to be used in the nineteenth century on intellectual property: astronomical property: astronomical property of the intellectual property principle in the nineteenth century in the legal systems of the world until the end of the twentieth century.
The goal of intellectual protection
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