Anti-commercial fraud

Anti-commercial fraud

Combating commercial fraud: Commercial fraud means that a product does not meet legal standards. One form of fraud is adding another substance to the product with the aim of increasing the quantity in the raw or prepared form, which may lead to a loss of the actual quality of the materials.

AlDaleel Law Firm and Legal Consultancy: It works to combat commercial fraud through the best lawyers with high expertise, as the consultant and international arbitrator (Walid Al-Sharif) is the best lawyer in the fight against commercial fraud because he has high experience for more than 16 years in the field of combating commercial fraud. And we are specialists for international companies such as (Hitachi Corporation, and Panasonic Corporation for Japanese Electronic Industries).

Our goal is to become a leading professional company that operates with responsibility and vision of creativity and innovation as an approach and transparency and responsibility as its method to provide the highest level of legal advice service and advisory opinion to our clients.

Our goals in combating commercial fraud come for many reasons because it has negative effects on the national economy and leads to the existence of invisible black economies and does not have regulatory specifications.

It also has a violation of laws and regulations, and combating it is an official duty on us and on the concerned authorities, and its survival may mean the presence of some parties that turn a blind eye to it and neglect its follow-up.

Therefore, AlDaleel Law Firm and Legal Consultancy is working to combat commercial fraud in the most accurate ways and with the high expertise enjoyed by the international consultant and arbitrator (Walid Al-Sharif).