Contracts are one of the most important sources of commitment in the daily dealings between members of society among themselves, as the individual in his daily life concludes many contracts to preserve his legal rights, prevent fraud or deception and protect his legal interests. Therefore, the individual always looks for a lawyer to obtain legal advice and Contract documentation.

The contract is the law of the contracting parties and a guarantee for the two parties to preserve their legal rights against any manipulation, as documenting the relationship between the parties is not done correctly except through writing and documenting contracts between the parties, through the activity and the nature of work and trust between each of the parties.

Most laws and legislation define the contract as the link between the offer and acceptance, and the agreement of the parties to the contract in a way that proves its effect on the contract. . :

The first pillar is consent : where it was mentioned that the contract is the convergence of acceptance with the offer, that is, the two wills agree.

The second pillar is the shop : both parties to the contract are subject to an obligation. In the sales contract, the seller’s obligation is to transfer the ownership of the thing sold to the buyer and hand it over to him. The buyer’s obligation is the price he pays to the seller and recording the price paid.

The third pillar is the reason : it is closely related to the will, so it is not imagined that the will will move without there being a reason. The reason is intended to be the legal incident that established the obligation, and the illegality of the reason results in the invalidity of the contract as the invalidity of the lease contract for the unlawfulness of the reason.