investment word; The use of the assets purchased by the person or company for their subsequent acquisition; So the value of the assets. When traders buy commodities for investment and do not act with others, and wait until they achieve them in order to make a profit, investment is the dispensation of some assets (such as buying a piece of land with money) at the present time to achieve a greater return for it in the future, and it is worth noting that stocks, bonds and real estate properties are the investor investor. Read more on Ice World:

Like a suffragette, a suffragette, a worthy owner, either a partner in a company, either he is an owner, owner, owner, owner, owner, owner, or as a minor. Negligence, so his behavior represented by his entry into the company is voidable for his benefit, on the grounds that entering into the company is one of the behaviors that circulate between benefit and harm.

Investment steps
Antiquity knew the idea of ​​the company. The idea of ​​the company is not a product of modernity, but it is a result of the development of economic projects that need huge capital. One of the most important steps for establishing a company is Haya…:

Core resources: the core project of the core project body
Determining the type of the company’s activity: meaning the nature of the company’s work, and the activities that the founders will carry out, whether they are commercial, advertising, marketing and other commercial activities.
Determining the capital: the money that they wish to finance in a company, and the company was established by bank loans, and with the guarantee of the key source of the capital.
Public Relations: Realizing your advantage in opinion or paper propaganda or paper propaganda.